Anna Sugden, Romance Author

Anna Sugden, Romance Author

Anna Sugden, Romance Author

A Dream of Her Own – The Inside Story

So how did this story come about?

As you know, I love hearing from my readers. Especially when they tell me whose story they’d like to have next. Sometimes I have to wait for my characters to reveal their stories to me. Other times, they’re keen to take centre stage.

That was the case for Susie Karradine. Readers felt sorry for Susie because she’d been left behind at Grey’s to take care of the restaurant for Ryan Grey while he ran the Frost and Flame Ball at Caynham Castle (A Perfect Grey Christmas). Plus she’d lost Ryan to his former love, Lydia. She definitely deserved her own story! Luckily, she was keen for me to provide her with her own romance.

And what better place to set that story than back at Caynham Castle?

Of course, Susie made it very clear that the last person she wanted to fall for was another chef. Especially not one as ambitious as Daniel. Nor one with so much family dependent on him.

As for Daniel DiMarco, he wasn’t interested in dating. He was targeting a coveted Michelin star and had no time for the emotional roller coaster of a relationship, on top of dealing with his demanding Italian family. For sure, a career-driven woman held no appeal.

Time for Caynham Castle to work its romantic magic on this prickly pair!

But that’s not all. My warm-hearted readers also wondered whether Lydia’s brother Marcus would heal and have a second chance at love. If you want the answer to that question … it’s in this story.

Find out what happens to Susie and Daniel, as well as to Marcus in A Dream of Her Own, available now.

If you’d like to find out what other hijinks occurred at New Year at Caynham Castle, especially some fun with gargoyles, check out Ring in the New at Caynham Castle.