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Recipe for Jenny’s Eton Mess

A Perfect Trade finalWhat’s better on a lovely summer’s evening than a decadent dessert that includes chocolate-covered strawberries and takes a couple of minutes to make?! In A Perfect Trade, Jenny makes her signature dessert — her special version of an English dessert called Eton Mess (which she picked up from reading her beloved, imported celebrity magazines!).

Several readers have asked if I’ll post the recipe for Jenny’s Eton Mess, so here it is!

NB: If you don’t have chocolate-covered strawberries, you can use fresh strawberries and add broken up pieces of chocolate or chocolate sauce to the mix.

1lb of fresh, chocolate-covered or chocolate-dipped strawberries, hulled and cut into quarters

1 pint of double cream

2 large or 4 small meringues, broken

1 tbsp grated chocolate.

To Make:

Get a large glass bowl or serving dish. Drop in the cut chocolate-covered strawberries and broken meringue and mix.

Pour over double cream and mix again.

Sprinkle grated chocolate over the top.

Serve and enjoy!

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Maggie’s Recipe for Bendy Eggs

APD coverIn A Perfect Distraction, Maggie doesn’t like to cook, but she makes Bendy Eggs as a special breakfast treat for her daughter, Emily. Naturally, Maggie ends up making it for Jake too. 🙂

I’ve been asked by a number of readers if I would provide the recipe for Bendy Eggs, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Bendy Eggs are actually a poor man’s version of Eggs Benedict (my favourite!) which doesn’t require making Hollandaise sauce. Who can be bothered with that when you’re hungry for breakfast? This is much simpler and delicious too!

2 eggs

4 strips of bacon

1 English muffin

Cream cheese

1. Toast the English muffin and spread a generous helping of cream cheese on each half.

2. Cook the bacon strips and lay two on each half.

3. Fry or poach the eggs, then place on top of the bacon on each half

4. Voila – Bendy Eggs!

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