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Recipes in the For Readers section!

APD coverI’ve been asked by a number of readers if I would provide the recipes for Maggie’s Bendy Eggs, from A Perfect Distraction, and Jenny’s Eton Mess, from A Perfect Trade.

A Perfect Trade finalThe answer is yes! You can now find these two recipes in the For Readers section.

Don’t forget to check the For Readers section to see what else I’ve added for you. I post my Friday Facebook Two Nations Divided there (as well as on my Pinterest page) and plan to put other fun stuff – yes, including shoes – there too!

Coming Soon – Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection!

Tiny Treats Authors

Can’t wait until February to get your next fix of the New Jersey Ice Cats? Want some bite-sized romances to read over the busy holiday period?

You’ll be pleased to know that there will be a great, free (yes, free!) collection of 25 holiday-themed, romance micro-stories coming to you in November! As well as an exclusive New Jersey Ice Cats story, written especially for this collection, there are also contemporary, historical and paranormal stories by these fabulous authors:


Lindsey Brookes            Natalie Damschroder
Suzanne Ferrell              MJ Fredrick
Colleen Gleason             Jeanette Grey
Maureen Hardegree     Bridget Hodder
Dorien Kelly                    Sally Kilpatrick
Janice Lynn                     Donna MacMeans
Monica McCabe             Heather McGovern
Tanya Michaels              Trish Milburn
Michelle Monkou           Nancy Northcott
Beth Pattillo                    Nicki Salcedo
DB Sieders                      Gretchen Stull
Jody Wallace                   Tawny Weber

Stay tuned for more information on which Ice Cat’s story will be featured and how you can get this collection!