Anna Sugden, Romance Author

Anna Sugden, Romance Author

Anna Sugden, Romance Author

Romance University Articles

Many thanks to those of you who pointed out that Romance University doesn’t exist any longer, and for asking if I could provide the posts for you to access here.

Yes, of course. 🙂 Instead of links to the now-defunct website, I’ve given you the ability to download the articles for yourself.

The first, entitled Surviving Nearly There, looked at how to get through what I think was the toughest part of my journey to publication. I provided some tips on things you might try – things I did! – to help keep going on the path towards achieving your dream. You can find Surviving Nearly There here.

The second, If At First, You Don’t Succeed …, looked at ways in which you can keep your faith, motivation and courage alive while on that often long and arduous journey to publication. You can find If At First, You Don’t Succeed … here.

The third, The Dos and Don’ts of Critiquing provided helpful tips on working with a critique partner or group and on the art of critiquing. You can find The Dos and Don’ts of Critiquing here.

If there is anything else you’d like to see shared here, please email me and I will ensure it’s made available.

Happy writing!