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Romance University Articles

I’ve been asked to provide links to two recent articles I wrote for Romance University, so here they are!

The first article, entitled Surviving Nearly There, looks at how to get through what I think was the toughest part of my journey to publication. I provide some tips on things you might try – things I did! – to help keep going on the path towards achieving your dream. You can find Surviving Nearly There here.

The second article, If At First, You Don’t Succeed …, looks at ways in which you can keep your faith, motivation and courage alive while on that often long and arduous journey to publication. You can find If At First, You Don’t Succeed … here.

Welcome to ‘For Writers’

I’ve been asked if I could make the resources from my workshops available on my website. So, that’s what I’ll be doing on this page. I’ll also be including links to articles and blog posts on various For Writer topics.

Feel free to download and use the materials posted here – I hope they are helpful. If you want to reproduce them, quote them or include them in your own workshops or articles, please contact me using the link on this website. Equally, if you would like to see information on a particular topic, you’d like me to give one of these workshops or write an article, please contact me.