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Fun Penguin Facts!

Thank you to all my followers on FB who love my weekly feature sharing Fun Penguin Facts. In response to your request, I’m going to post regularly a catch up of the Fun Penguin Facts here, like I do with my Two Nations Divided Feature. They will also be on a special Fun Penguin Facts board on my Pinterest page.

Remember, there is a new Fun Penguin Facts every Wednesday on my Facebook Author PageFacebook Author. To keep up with the latest, be sure to like my page!

To start us off:


Extended Free Read for January!

This promotion is now closed.

As some of you missed the chance to download the Russian Rocket’s story last month, I’ve extended the promotion until the end of January!


When Ice Cats’ forward, Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Ralinkov, gets caught in a snowstorm, on his way back from a game, he seeks refuge in his favourite diner. Could this be the opportunity he’s been waiting for to heat things up with lovely diner owner, Poppy Lambert, or will she leave him out in the cold?

All you have to do to download A Perfect Storm is to click on the lovely cover.

Happy reading!

December’s Free Read!

This promotion is now closed!

Welcome to December! I hope those of you who celebrate had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are looking forward to Christmas, or whatever festive holiday you celebrate.

Thank you for the positive feedback I’ve received from readers about the free New Jersey Ice Cats’ short stories I’ve been offering. As well as appreciating the free downloads, I’m delighted that you’re also enjoying the stories and the chance to catch up with some of the players mentioned in my books.

This month’s story, A Perfect Storm, features Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Ralinkov, aka The Russian Rocket, caught in a wintry storm with Poppy Lambert.


When Ice Cats’ forward, Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Ralinkov, gets caught in a snowstorm, on his way back from a game, he seeks refuge in his favourite diner. Could this be the opportunity he’s been waiting for to heat things up with lovely diner owner, Poppy Lambert, or will she leave him out in the cold?













All you have to do to download A Perfect Storm is to click on the lovely cover. Happy reading!

Remember, this story will only be available during December, so download it while you can!


A Thanksgiving Free Read!

This promotion is now over!

Thank you to all my lovely readers – both existing Ice Cats’ fans and new ones – who downloaded A Perfect Disguise during October, and let me know how much you enjoyed Blade and Daisy’s story.

I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s free read, A Perfect Reunion – Troy and Charlotte’s romance.

A day of thanksgiving?

When Ice Cats’ defenseman, Troy Davidson, sees his ex-fiancé at his parents’ Thanksgiving party, he’s determined to make things right. He screwed up five years ago, when he ditched their engagement party to elope with a movie star. Now divorced, he realises he’s only ever loved one woman. Charlotte Daniels claims she’s forgiven Troy. But can she trust him enough to take another chance on him and love?

A Perfect Reunion

All you have to do to download the short story PDF is click on the cover above. Happy reading!

Remember, this will only be available in November, so make sure you download this story quickly!


Free Read for Halloween!

This promotion is now closed!

Thank you to all my readers who told me how much they enjoyed the free downloads of my Ice Cats’ short stories, A Perfect Party and A Perfect Lucky Charm.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I thought I would treat you all to some more free downloads. There will be a new, exclusive Ice Cats short story available here, in my For Readers section, every month from now until the new year. Each story will feature a different Ice Cats’ player and his seasonal romance. But these stories will only be available during that one month, so be sure to download them as soon as possible.

First up is A Perfect Disguise, featuring Ice Cats’ forward, Jamie ‘Blade’ Wilkinson.

Who’s the lady behind the mask?

Ice Cats’ forward, Jamie ‘Blade’ Wilkinson thinks his neighbour, pretty schoolteacher, Daisy Carturo, is too good for him. She deserves better than a man with his dark past. When he meets sexy Catwoman at a team charity event, he thinks he’s found a more suitable woman to date. So why does she make him think about Daisy? If only he could have the best of both worlds.

A Perfect Disguise

To download your free short story PDF, just click on the cover above. Happy reading!

Free Read! For a Limited Time Only!

This promotion has ended!

I promised my faithful readers a treat and here it is. To thank you for your support, I’m offering a special edition of A Perfect lucky Charm – my St. Patrick’s Day short story.

There’s no such thing as luck!
Despite his name, Ice Cats’ forward, Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney, isn’t Irish and doesn’t believe in lucky charms. For sure, they won’t help him get out of his scoring slump. But when a shamrock from the ear-ring of a green-eyed beauty drops at his feet, he wonders if St. Patrick’s Day might be lucky for him after all.

Simply click on the gorgeous cover and download the PDF of Paddy and Shayla’s story. Happy reading!

Cover-APerfectLuckyCharm (2)

Yet More Two Nations Divided!

It’s time to update my site with the latest Two Nations Divided.

I’m so glad you’re enjoying this regular feature. It’s hard to believe that we’re still going and finding more new differences every day!

Don’t forget, there is a new Two Nations Divided every Friday on my Facebook Author Page. You can also catch up with any you’ve missed here and on my special Two Nations Divided Pinterest Board.

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A Perfect Entrée!

Want a sneak peak at what some of the Ice Cats have been up to?

Cover-APerfectLuckyCharm (2)Recently, I took part in a fun promotional event with Rae Latte, at her fabulous blog, Books I Love a Latte. She asked a number of authors to create a very short scene featuring characters from their book series, which also included a recipe by Aussie chef, Dan Churchill. This was to promote the release of his guy-friendly recipe book, Dude Food.

Naturally, it was too good an opportunity for my Ice Cats to miss! So, I created a short scene featuring the hero of my St. Patrick’s Day short — A Perfect Lucky Charm — Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney.

Paddy’s in a pickle about what to make for his new girlfriend, Shayla, for a special dinner. With a little help from his team-mates, can he create A Perfect Entrée?

“Thank God you’re here.”

Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney stood aside to let his fellow New Jersey Ice Cat team-mates, Kenny Jelinek and JB Larocque in his front door. “Please tell me you have a foolproof recipe for tonight’s dinner with Shayla, or I’m sunk. We’ve been dating three months and in a rash moment, I promised to make her a celebratory meal.”

Kenny shook his head. “This is why I’ll never fall in love. Your heart makes crazy promises your body and brain can’t keep.”

“Right.” JB looked pained. Things had been a little rocky for him lately, with Issy. “A nice dinner at a fancy restaurant always works. And there’s no mess to clean up.”

Paddy led the way to the kitchen. “Won’t cut it. The deal is that I cook for her. We’ve eaten at restaurants every time we’ve dated and she wants a cosy evening in. Even if I buy in the appetiser and dessert, I have to at least make the entree.”

“So why doesn’t she make you a nice meal?” Kenny hopped up on a bar stool at the counter and got out his iPad, which he propped up so they could all see it.

“Jeez, chauvinist much, bro?” JB rolled his eyes.

“Not helping. I’m running out of time.” Paddy thrust his fingers through his hair.

“Hey, I’m the one with the solution.” Kenny grinned, as he set up Facetime.

A tinny ringing sound echoed through the kitchen. Almost immediately, a familiar face filled the screen.

“I hear you need my assistance,” Tru Jelinek, Kenny’s older brother said. Tru, a former Ice Cat, played out in Denver now.

“You’re the only one of us who can do more than grill a steak and from what Paddy says, that won’t make the grade.” JB introduced them and explained the situation. “We need the perfect entrée.”

“Shayla doesn’t eat red meat,” Paddy added. “And I don’t eat frou-frou, fancy stuff, let alone make it.” He sighed heavily. “I’m done for.”

Tru laughed. “Rest easy, man. I’ve got you covered.”

“You do?”

“For sure. How does Turkey Meatballs with Italian Tomato Sauce, served over Sweet Potato Mash sound? Or Coconut Ceviche Fish Tacos? Or Soy and Ginger Salmon with a Watercress and Mint Salad?”

Paddy, JB and Kenny all moaned ecstatically.

JB rubbed his stomach. “You could make any and all of those for me, any time.”

Kenny licked his lips. “Make enough for me too.”

“Mmm they sound delicious,” Paddy agreed. “But are they complicated?”

Tru gave a thumbs up. “Dead easy. They’re from this Australian chef called Dan Churchill, who’s all about man-friendly food and cooking. His book, Dude Food, was a big success and full of fun, easy recipes. He even has videos on his website to show you how it’s done. Here, I’ll email you a link.”

The three men gathered around Paddy’s phone to check out the recipes.

“You know, these don’t look too hard.” Kenny nodded his approval. “I reckon I could even make them.”

“We’ll stick around and help,” JB said. “But first you’ll need to get the ingredients.”

“While you’re out, get a bagged salad for an appetiser and something with loads of chocolate for dessert,” Tru suggested. “So which one are you going to do?”

“The meatballs look good.” Paddy figured he couldn’t go wrong with them. “Plus if they turn out okay, I could make them for myself sometime too.”

“I’d make smaller meatballs than the picture shows, so they look more feminine.” Tru held up his hand with his thumb and forefinger together in an ‘O’ to show the size.

“You get ‘feminine’ meatballs?” Kenny laughed.

“Ladies like bite-size food, little brother. Something you’ll learn when you grow up.”

“Now, let’s get to the store for those ingredients.” Paddy was raring to go. “Thanks, man. I owe you one.”

“Let me know how you get on.”

“You got it.”

*          *          *

Later that evening Tru got a text, with a picture of Paddy’s efforts attached. He grinned and showed it to his wife, Jenny. “The boy done good.”

“Well done, Paddy.” Jenny clapped. “Thanks to you and Dan Churchill, he made a perfect entrée.”