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A Perfect Selection 2 is Here!

The garden here in Cambridge is in full blossom, but the weather is more like July, than May. So it looks like spring, but feels like summer. Crazy English weather – not that we’re complaining!

It’s been an exciting time, seeing my NJ Devils exceeding all expectations and making the post-season this year. Sadly, we lost to the Lightning in the first round. But this is the start of something great, I’m sure! Congratulations to all those fans whose teams are still in the running for Lord Stanley’s Cup! And commiserations to those of you whose teams missed out or have been knocked out.

Thank you to everyone who let me know how much they’ve been enjoying the NJ Ice Cats short stories that I’ve been giving away in the For Readers’ section. I’m so glad you like keeping up with my men of the ice.

For those of you who have missed one ore more, as promised, I have gathered together 5 of the short stories into A Perfect Selection 2.

It is available for 99c at most digital retailers (links at the end of the post). Bite-sized, holiday-themed romances featuring NJ Ice Cats’ players — perfect for those times when you want a satisfying short read! The holidays included are July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Easter.



Amazon US

Amazon UK


Barnes & Noble


Stay tuned for information about how you can win a free copy of A Perfect Selection, the first NJ Ice Cats‘ short story anthology, in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Happy Sunshine and Happy Reading!

A Perfect Selection on iBooks!

This promotion has now ended. But A Perfect Selection is available for only 99c.

Great news! My delicious anthology of six NJ Ice Cats short stories – A Perfect Selection – is now available on iBooks! And, it’s FREE until the Stanley Cup is won, so download your copy now.

To order, simply click on the image below.


Don’t forget, it is still free on Kindle, Nook and Kobo too.

Free Ice Cats Short Stories for the Playoffs!

This promotion has now ended!

The NHL playoffs is a great time of year. No matter how your team did in the regular season (boy, were my Devils bad!), it’s fun to watch the best teams compete for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

What better time to offer a special deal for hockey fans?

For as long as there are teams playing, and until a new champion is crowned, A Perfect Selection will be free!

So, whether your boys didn’t make it to the post-season, lost in the early rounds or are battling it out for the Cup, you can treat yourself to six fun, Ice Cats’ short stories.

For Amazon, click on the cover below. For Nook and Kobo, click on the links.

A Perfect Selection on Nook

A Perfect Selection on Kobo


Free St. Patrick’s Day Read!

*This promotion is now over*

Thank you to all my lovely readers — those who have been loyal from the beginning, those who joined the Ice Cats’ fans along the way and you newbies who discovered me with A Perfect Strategy — for downloading my free Valentine’s short story, A Perfect Bouquet, and for letting me know how much you enjoyed it.

If you missed out, don’t forget that A Perfect Bouquet is one of the six NJ Ice Cats’ short stories in A Perfect Selection (only 99c!)  (to buy links here)

As a special treat for St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve decided to give you my Ice Cats’ short story, A Perfect Lucky Charm, as a free download. Get it while you can – limited time only! Simply click on the cover below to download.

Cover-APerfectLuckyCharm (2)


There’s no such thing as luck!

Despite his name, Ice Cats’ forward, Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney, isn’t Irish and doesn’t believe in lucky charms. For sure, they won’t help him get out of his scoring slump. But when a shamrock from the ear-ring of a green-eyed beauty drops at his feet, he wonders if St. Patrick’s Day might be lucky for him after all.

Not Long Now! More Ice Cats!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holidays and are enjoying a good, healthy start to 2017. After a difficult and stressful six months, due to the decline and eventual passing of my wonderful, 94-yr-old father-in-law, I’m ready for a fresh year.

There is plenty of good news to tell you. First, I’m delighted that the fifth book in my New Jersey Ice Cats series will hit the shelves on February 1st.

A Perfect Strategy features retired Ice Cats‘ captain, Scott ‘Scotty’ Matthews and Sapphire Houlihan. Many of you will remember Sapphie as Issy’s best friend in A Perfect Compromise. I had such fun pitting a woman who can’t even commit to an apartment against a man who’s looking for the someone to share his new life with. Especially when they have to do battle in the boardroom, as well as the bedroom!


Is there really life after hockey?

If there’s one thing Scotty Matthews know, it’s hockey. Unfortunately, the former New Jersey Ice Cats captain isn’t proving successful at life after hockey. His wife’s left him and he’s lost his post-ice job as a media commentator. All he’s got now is a big, empty show house.

If there’s one thing Sapphire Houlihan knows, it’s that she never wants to be tied down to anyone or anything ever again. Unfortunately for her, a wonderful one-weekend distraction with Scotty turns into something much more complicated … Because he’s a guy who wants way more than one weekend.

You can pre-order A Perfect Strategy by clicking on the cover above. I hope you love Scotty and Sapphie’s story as much I do!

Short Stories
CoverFinal-APerfectBouquet (3)

Thank you to all of you who contacted me to let me know how much you enjoyed my two free short stories, A Perfect Plan and A Perfect Picnic. I’m sorry that due to family issues, I wasn’t able to complete the New Year’s and Valentine’s stories in time. I will be offering A Perfect Bouquet for free during February, for those of you didn’t manage to download it last year.


Don’t forget that you can get all six of last year’s short stories in my NJ Ice Cats’ anthology, A Perfect Selection, for only 99c. This is only available in digital format.

I promise there will be more short stories on the way later in the year, so stay tuned!


In the meantime, I’m busy at work on the next New Jersey Ice Cats book, working title A Perfect Treat, which will hopefully hit the shelves in March 2018. I can’t say too much about it right now, except that the hero is a reader favourite!

Until next time, Happy reading!


One day only! St. Patrick’s Day free short story!

Sorry – the leprechauns have ended this promotion! But stay tuned for another give-away soon!

Yes, for one day only, I’m making my St. Patrick’s Day short story, A Perfect Lucky Charm, available for you to download for FREE.

Featuring Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney and Shayla Friel:

Cover-APerfectLuckyCharm (2)There’s no such thing as luck!

Despite his name, Ice Cats’ forward, Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney, isn’t Irish and doesn’t believe in lucky charms. For sure, they won’t help him get out of his scoring slump. But when a shamrock from the ear-ring of a green-eyed beauty drops at his feet, he wonders if St. Patrick’s Day might be lucky for him after all.
Make sure you take advantage of this promotion and download your copy of this bite-sized, New Jersey Ice Cats’ romance, before St. Patrick’s Day is over!

Simply click on the cover to download.

Note: A Perfect Lucky Charm is one of 6 New Jersey Ice Cats’ short stories available in the anthology, A Perfect Selection.

March is Here … and so is A Perfect Selection!

The spring flowers are out, here in Cambridge, but the weather is hardly spring-like. Quite a few places in England have had snow. We haven’t — well, there was that five minutes when a few fat, fluffy flakes came down — but the air is cold and the temperatures are hovering not far above freezing! On the upside, the nights are drawing out and it won’t be long before we’ll be putting away those jumpers and heavy coats.

3DCoverBoxedAnthology-APerfectSelectionThe big news this month is the release of A Perfect Selection on Amazon. Since a number of you had asked where you could buy the short stories I’ve been giving away on my website, because you’d missed one or more of the promotions, I decided to take the plunge and release them in a special anthology.

A Perfect Selection contains all 6 holiday-themed short stories:

A Perfect Party (Christmas) featuring Taylor ‘Mad Dog’ Madden and Lizzie Martin

A Perfect Lucky Charm (St. Patrick’s Day) featuring Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney and Shayla Friel

A Perfect Disguise (Halloween) featuring Jamie ‘Blade’ Wilkinson and Daisy Carturo

A Perfect Reunion (Thanksgiving) featuring Troy Davidson and Charlotte Daniels

A Perfect Storm (Winter) featuring Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Ralinkov and Poppy Lambert

A Perfect Bouquet (Valentine’s Day) featuring Chaz ‘Monty’ Montgomery and Kayla DeMarco.

Can you read just one?

This anthology is only available on Amazon for the moment, but I hope to make it available on the other platforms shortly. To click straight through to buy your copy, simply click on the image above.

A Perfect Compromise CoverThank you for the lovely feedback and fabulous reviews on last month’s release, A Perfect Compromise. I’m so pleased you enjoyed JB and Issy’s story. He’s the character I get asked about the most, so I’m glad his story and his heroine met with your approval.

And yes, there are plans in the works for Sapphie too. I’m currently working on her romance with her very own Ice Cat. To give you a clue, he’s recently retired!

Until next time, happy reading!



Welcome to February and Ice Cats Logo Reveal!

*UPDATE: This promotion in now closed

My February Free Read is live! Go to my For Readers section to download your copy of A Perfect Bouquet *

Greetings from Cambridge! It’s a gorgeous, crisp, sunny day here, with the daffodils in bloom. We haven’t yet had a winter here in England. In fact, it’s been so warm that all the spring flowers are confused and starting to pop out early! I know those of you in North America have had some crazy weather too, over the past month or two. Hope all my lovely readers Down Under are keeping cool.

A Perfect Compromise CoverLots of news this month. You’ll have seen that A Perfect Compromise is out and instantly hit #2 on Amazon! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and bought it during launch week! The reviews have started to come in and I’m pleased (and relieved) that your reactions have been positive. You liked JB and Issy’s story! Thank you to everyone who has posted a review, tagged me on FB or emailed me to tell me how much you enjoyed A Perfect Compromise. I can’t tell you how much that means!

For those who’ve asked whether Sapphie gets her own story – and her very own Ice Cat – the answer is yes, and I’m writing it at the moment. 🙂 Stay tuned for more info on the tentatively title A Perfect Plan.


LogoRed-IceCatsLogoWhiteGray-IceCats Also, I’m delighted to reveal my lovely new logo for my New Jersey Ice Cats. Thanks to Su at Earthly Charms for doing a brilliant job on bringing the snow leopard to life! And she did them in home and away colours!
CoverFinal-APerfectBouquet (3)

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the freebie NJ Ice Cats short stories – especially those of you who have let me know how much you’ve enjoyed them! I’m pleased to tell you that there will be a new short story for February – A Perfect Bouquet.

Check the For Readers section to get your free download. Remember it will only be available during February!



Anything, but red roses!

Ice Cats’ back-up goaltender, Chaz ‘Monty’ Montgomery, fell in love with florist Kayla DeMarco the first time he met her. Unfortunately, then she was married to one of his former team-mates. Since Kayla’s divorce, Monty has waited patiently, hoping that one day she’ll notice that he’s more than just a great customer. Can he convince her with a special bouquet that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a chance on a different hockey player?



Last, but definitely not least, I’ve been asked if there is a way to get hold of the short stories that you may have missed. The answer is – yes, there will be soon. I’m putting all six stories into an anthology, called A Perfect Selection, which will shortly be available for sale.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year!

Hope your festive season was a hearty one and that you are healthy and happy going into 2016!

Lots going on in the world of the New Jersey Ice Cats over the next couple of months, starting with the launch of the next book in the series – A Perfect Compromise – on Feb 1. This is the story many of you have been waiting for – the romance of reader favourite, Jean Baptiste Larocque!

A Perfect Compromise

I had a lot of fun putting JB through the mill in this book. He’s earned it, after his cockiness in the previous stories! Issy is the perfect woman for him, and vice versa, although neither of them realises that straight away – despite the sexy sparks that fly the first time their eyes meet! Add a surprise pregnancy into the mix and things really get complicated!

You can read the blurb and have a sneak peek read of a excerpt, by clicking on the cover to the left.

You can also pre-order your copy of A Perfect Compromise there.

I’m pleased to announce that the paperback will now be available at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as on the Harlequin.com website.

I will be offering several chances to win a copy of A Perfect Compromise too, so make sure you are signed up to my newsletter and have liked my Facebook Author page. That way you’ll know how you can be entered into my prize draws.

Thank you to all of you who have let me know how much you’ve enjoyed the free New Jersey Ice Cats’ short stories I’ve been offering in the For Readers’ section over the past few months. As some of you missed the last story, A Perfect Storm (which was partly my fault as I didn’t do an announcement on this page – sorry! – though it was announced elsewhere), I’ve decided to offer it to you again during the month of January. So make sure you download the Russian Rocket’s story before the end of the month.




When Ice Cats’ forward, Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Ralinkov, gets caught in a snowstorm, on his way back from a game, he seeks refuge in his favourite diner. Could this be the opportunity he’s been waiting for to heat things up with lovely diner owner, Poppy Lambert, or will she leave him out in the cold?



Next up, I’m working on a special Valentine’s short story, A Perfect Bouquet, that I will offer in February, featuring Chaz ‘Monty’ Montgomery, so stay tuned for more news about that!

Also, plans are in the works to make A Perfect Selection – an anthology of all the Ice Cats’ short stories – available for sale in March. As soon as everything is finalised, I’ll let you know.

Until next time, happy reading!